From the book:

"So why isn’t Dynamic Balance our goal now? What could possibly be a more worthy, common sense and logical goal for humanity?

It seems we have lost our way. We have assumed, for far too long, that our planet is an infinite source of resources, and a garbage dump of infinite capacity. This dangerously flawed and long outdated assumption is the foundation upon which we rely, as we seek endlessly bigger economies.

But local, national and global environmental systems do, most definitely, have limits and we are now overwhelming them everywhere, and at every level… yet still we pursue endless growth as the path to a better future.

Can you follow the insane logic? I certainly can’t.

All we are really ‘growing’ (apart from the monetary wealth of a few) is a set of problems, problems which grow faster than solutions. No wonder we are in trouble. The very founding assumption which underpins our obsession with endless economic growth is, in a word, wrong. Economics, population, lifestyle ambitions, all seek to load bigger burdens on an already dangerously overloaded foundation.

Ask any builder, it’s no good tinkering with the structure- if the foundations won’t support the weight, it will collapse. All structures must be built well within the safe operating limits of their foundations, even economic structures.

In a world where people are increasingly disconnected from nature it is all too easy to forget that our environment underpins everything we do. It is ecosystems, not economic theories, which are our foundations."